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Where the money goes

Your donations are shared directly with Brain Tumour Research, which is the only national charity in the UK dedicated to funding continuous and sustainable scientific research into brain tumours.

Their vision is to find a cure for brain tumours and our mission is to build a network of experts in sustainable brain tumour research.

Their aims:

  • Helping develop the next generation of researchers ultimately focusing on all types of brain tumour
  • Significantly accelerate the progress of brain tumour research within the UK in order to make a real clinical difference, through the funding of our dedicated Brain Tumour Research Centres of Excellence
  • To fund a network of Centres, each being granted £1 million a year between us and our partner organisations.
  • Increase awareness of the lack of funding for brain tumour research in order to stimulate a greater investment by the Government and larger cancer charities
  • Improve the clinical outcomes for brain tumour patients

Their Centres provide an arena where the most promising scientists are provided with experience in order to fulfil their potential. This will facilitate the development of a strong research base in the area of neuro-oncology. Therefore, this will encourage researchers to remain in this area rather than being tempted into other areas of cancer research which currently attract greater funding. 

The longer-term sustained funding will also strengthen the researchers’ applications for project or career-development grants.